Machine Vapor Coming Soon

Posted by Machine on May 29th 2019

The Vapor 2019 is the 3rd generation flagship marker by Machine Paintball. Redesigned from top to bottom to have superior performance while keeping the sleek sexy design our customers love. So, why delay the release so long? Combining our relentless pursuit of perfection and passion; extensive testing on the new bolt design and innovative features have been tweaked hundreds of times in order to maximize the marker's performance. Consumer confidence, excellent marker performance and great customer service is Machine's ultimate goal. At the end of it all, the Vapor 2019 was built by continuously field testing the new designs, for the past 3 years, to deliver a marker ready to elevate your game to the next level.

Machine Vapor 2019 Upgraded Features and Construction

All high-grade aluminum construction

New bolt system

Active Recoil Adjustment Cancellation (ARAC) feature

New OLED display

Upgraded encrypted secure Operating System

2nd generation breach insert

3rd generation regulator

Low profile feedneck

Redesigned feedneck clamp

3 barrel backs with one 15" tip

PUSH Division One Marker Bag

Bolt: The redesigned low-pressure bolt system combined with the 2nd generation breach insert is dependable and designed to perform across the widest range of extreme conditions and provides unmatched performance without sacrificing reliability. The bolt adjustment feature delivers true personalized active recoil cancellation (ARAC), increasing the markers ability to shoot extremely fragile paint. These precision-design elements give the player unequalled consistency, providing excellent air efficiency, a quiet sound signature, and ultra-smooth shot quality.

Machine's New OLED Board and Operating System is user friendly while securely enabling all approved modes of play with simplified decluttered navigation and controls. The new design provides long-term dependability in a rugged and easy-to-operate package.

Marker Trade-in Program: Machine would like to introduce the trade in program. Its intended to give previous Machine customers who choose to trade in their 2012, or 2014 marker, up to $400 credit towards the purchase of a 2019 Vapor. Certain conditions apply for maximum credit.