Machine Trade-In Program

Posted by Machine on Jul 5th 2019

Marker Trade-in Program:

Post 4th of July trade-in program.

Machine would like to introduce the trade-in program for our loyal customers. The new management understands commitment and loyalty to a brand and are reflecting the same towards its loyal customers. It's intended to give previous Machine customers who choose to trade in their Vapor 2012, or Vapor 2014 marker, up to $600 credit towards the purchase of a 2019 Vapor for the next 2 weeks (July 5 thru July 21, 2019)!

The following conditions apply for maximum credit. The trade-in marker must be a complete marker with body, frame, bolt, ASA, regulator, accessories and original barrel kit in order to receive the $600 credit. If items are missing on the marker you must contact Machine Paintball at with a picture of the trade-in marker and a description of what is missing for us to provide a quote for your trade-in value.

If you missed the first two week trade-in offer. Not to worry. Machine will extend the trade-in program at a maximum credit of $400 with the trade-in conditions stated above. Credit will be applied once the trade-in marker is received and verified by Machine. Customers outside of the United States must contact Machine to verify shipping laws for the country.

Happy Birthday America and we hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July, with your family and loved ones!